The new world of work and the flex space ‘renaissance’

What is flex space?

  • Open plan concepts facilitating collaboration and communication within the workspace
  • Breakout spaces encouraging working in smaller groups.
  • Quiet zones for tasks that require deep concentration or for quick calls and meetings.
  • Touchpoints providing a fixed workspace for additional staff and temporary employees.
  • Shared resources, everything from the office equipment to lunchrooms and other amenities available on the premises.
Source: CBRE

How do flex spaces work?

What are the main benefits of flex spaces?

1. They boost employee well-being and collaboration.

2. They’re highly adaptable, even in crises.

3. They are a sustainable, long-term solution.

4. They reduce overhead costs.

Where does workplace tech fit into today’s flex space environment?

The future of work is flexible



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Meara Hamidiani

Meara Hamidiani


Content Marketing Manager at | Curious about our changing world of work | American expat in Belgium, Bostonian at heart